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Testimonials Contaxinfo.com (2002-2010)

With this I want to thank you all for the overwhelming feedback I have got from you about this Site. It helps to keep motivated and prevents my wife to kill me. So I copied some e-mails of your feedback below:

" Of the Contax enthusiasts who have sites in my view, you have the best - it's well laid out, has lots of information, and generally works well - I know how long it takes to keep that sort of thing going but you are doing well. "

"Hi Dirk, Firstly let me say that this is a brilliant concept and I will support you all the way. "

"I have fallen onto this site and I like it very much"

"Your site is first class and I would like to help in any way I can. "

"It's a good effort with lots of information. I've registered for your forum pages, and will contribute if appropriate."

"Just read your review of the T3 – a very well balanced and insightfull comment, that I enjoyed a lot (very close to buying this one...)"

"I would like to congratulate you with an impressive result so far. Your one-stop philosophy is quite impressive and will need a lot of maintenance - wish you the very best!"

"Dear Contaxian! What a site! After seeing it I lost any hope for mine... The only one drawback is the width of tables, so sometimes is hard to compare between items - but it's not your fault that Contax made so many stuff. "

"Dear Dirk, congratulations for your new site; it really gives the comprehensive informations which are missing on some other sites. "

"First of all, thank you for your site! I was hoping there might be some helpful information for a Contax beginner like me. "

"Hi Dirk, Thank you for providing everyone with your excellent review of the T-3"

"I appreciate you obvious enthusiasm and hard work keeping this site together and wish you well. "

"Thank you very much, Dirk, for the great passion you care for this new contax site, and same thanks to your girlfriend having patience with you and us, the members! "

"Hi Dirk, nobody kept holding the Contax and Zeiss flag after Kyocera decided to discontinue its camera development in 2005 except you. Let me say thank you that you did not loose your passion for Contax & Zeiss after all this hassle! Also your effort for all the new Zeiss-lens combinations with Nikon, Canon, Sony and so on is really appreciated. Keep up the good work! "